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Maine caucuses: Wow!

I had gotten the impression that Hillary was ahead in Maine, although there was no recent poll data. Instead, it looks like a big win for Obama. It’s hard to figure out what any of it really means, but after sweeping the last set of primaries Obama is looking really good.


Defending Han and Warda

Mike O’Risal of Hyphoid Logic came across a defender of Han and Warda’s infamous paper Mitochondria, the missing link between body and soul: Proteomic prospective evidence. According to a blog calling itself the “AcademicFreedomBlog”, the issue isn’t plagiarism…no, apparently that’s part of “academic freedom”.  It isn’t the sloppy logic, in which “conclusions” are pulled out of the air, unconnected to the information presented in the paper.  Nope.  AFB thinks that the outrage the paper has generated comes from the fact that “includes language in opposition to the theory of evolution.”

I didn’t think it was possible to make the DI appear to be paragons of virtue.   But AFB does just that.  (Mike has the link to the blog).