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This is getting interesting

Josh Marshall is reporting that the latest Zogby poll puts New Jersey in a dead heat. Numbers in California are similar. If these polls hold true, Super Tuesday gets very interesting.

When it comes down to it, winning doesn’t matter except in terms of momentum and buzz. Unlike the Republican primaries, where many states award their delegates “winner take all”, the Democratic primaries award their delegates proportionally. So, fortunately (for the loser and the democratic process) or unfortunately (for the winner and perhaps the Democratic party), barring anything unforeseen (or the polls being very wrong), there won’t be a Democratic nominee come Wednesday (although there may be a Republican one).

I’m an Obama supporter. I can’t vote, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have strong feelings about who wins or loses. It’s a little bit surprising actually – I didn’t really expect to care too strongly who the Democratic nominee was (since it wasn’t going to be Al Gore), I was far more invested in winning in November. But things changed after Iowa. I’m still afraid to get my hopes up too much – elections have been one disappointment after another – but the momentum really seems to be with Obama. Then again – how many times has last-minute momentum failed to deliver?

Whatever happens, it has the potential to be interesting. What more could you ask for?


Carnival Monday

Where’s the worst place in the world to be on a Carnival Monday morning?  Anywhere that isn’t Sweet TnT.  😦