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U.S. Virgin Islands primary

With almost 89.9% of the votes, Obama has swept the U.S. Virgin Islands primary.  Apparently Obama will get all six of their half-delegates.


Rejecting McCain

With Romney out of the race, people were saying that McCain’s selection as Republican nominee was assured.  From what I have heard, Huckabee couldn’t win the nomination even if he got every delegate still up for grabs.

But voters, it would seem, aren’t willing to give up so easily.  Undaunted by conventional wisdom (or mathematical reality, it would appear), Republican voters in Kansas and Louisiana (and probably Washington State) picked Huckabee over McCain.   It doesn’t seem to bode well for McCain in the national elections.  It’s also a good argument for Obama as the Democratic nominee – many people believe that the only thing that will unite the Republican party is the chance to vote against Hillary.