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DaveScot makes sense?

I’m no fan of David Springer, better known as DaveScot.  I’m sure I’ve said very rude things about him at some point in time.  So for the sake of fairness and balance I feel the need to point out when he says something that’s not only sensible, but that also contradicts the party line over at UD.

If there’s any real case to be made for Darwin and the holocaust it’s the opposite of what’s messaged in Expelled. The holocaust resulted from a failure to heed Darwin’s warning that eugenics could only be practiced by sacrificing the noblest part of our nature, the very part and only part that separates us from other animals. Those responsible for the holocaust, beginning with the eugenics movement in America, were the true animals. Those opposed were nobler than the animals.

H/T Wes Elsberry & Tyler DiPietro.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s actually the first reasonable thing I’ve heard out of DaveScot. Like ever.

  2. This isn’t the first time Dave’s done something like this. If you recall he’s argued pretty strongly that common descent is correct before. IIRC he then threatened to ban people who suggested otherwise but still…

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