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Fatal plane crash in Oklahoma

MIAMI, OK — One person was killed in a fiery plane crash that shook buildings here earlier this afternoon when a single-engine propeller-plane nosedived into the Will Rogers Turnpike.

From NewsOK.com

On our way home today, we started seeing signs in southern Missouri announcing that the highway was closed in Oklahoma and we would have to get off at Exit 313. But as we approached Exist 313 (the Miami exist), the highway had been re-opened, albeit only a single lane. From the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles, it was obvious that there had been an accident. As we approached the crash site, I was first stuck by how little wreckage there was (especially since the entire road was blackened). The second thing I noticed was the size of the engine block – it seemed much too big for a car, which made the small pile of burnt wreckage even more striking. Then I noticed the propeller. It was only at that point that I realised that we were passing the remains of a plane.

It was quite a shock. First there was the realisation that there was no way anyone could have survived that crash. Then there was the disturbing sense of planes falling out of the sky onto the highway. Suddenly I felt very exposed, out there on the road.

My condolences to the family and friends of the pilot. So far, he hasn’t been named.



These guys have moved into a mango tree in my parents back yard. It’s kinda cool.

Here’s a detailed picture. I’m not sure what species they are – my sister is hoping to get an ID, but if anyone knows…

Update: Apparently they are Phyllostomus sp.

Genomicron moves to ScientificBlogging

Genomicron has moved from blogger to the Scientific Blogging network.

ERV moves to ScienceBlogs

After running into some problems with blogger, ERV has moved to ScienceBlogs.  While she hasn’t supplied any details, apparently it was more than a glitch at blogger

I view it as malicious behavior, though I sympathize with the Blogger folks and the sheer volume of crap they have to deal with, so no hard feelings.

Berry Go Round #4

The fourth edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  For all your plant-related reading, head on over.

Back from Michigan

I’m back home after spending a week and a half in Michigan.  Hopefully blogging will resume shortly.