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Berry Go Round #14

While I’ve been neglecting my blog, the blogging world has marched on.  The 14th edition of Berry Go Round is up at Gravity’s Rainbow.  With BGR’s founder Laurent on hiatus from blogging, Mary at A Neotropical Savanna has taken over managing the show.  Look for next month’s BGR over at her place (any why not submit something you have written?  What? You don’t write about plants?  Well don’t you think it’s time you started?)

The 33rd edition of Festival of the Trees, and the second edition of Carnival of the Arid are also up.  (Yeah, I know, I’m copying from Jeremy…I should just post a link to his post and be done with it!)  This is the first I’ve heard of Carnival of the Arid, but it certainly looks promising.  But are dry forests arid enough for them?


One Response

  1. Depends on the forests. Joshua tree forests, piñon-juniper forests, and stone forests have all made it in. : )

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