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Race does not exist

Greg Laden writes:

These days, many people say that race is largely a social construct; while it may have a place in describing the population genetics of some species, is not particularly applicable to humans. I’m one of those people. The race concept is generally inapplicable or at best misleading when used as it often is with our species. This is why race should be abandoned in favor of other ways of describing human variation.

He then continues in what I think is a must-read post.  Serious…go read it.


One Response

  1. Check this little factoid: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2003/0224372.html

    “[0047] The selected classification model is illustrated in FIG. 1 and makes use of binary classifications to correctly classify 81% of white individuals, 96% of blacks, but only 70% of South Asians. In the model particular use is made of the common DYS390 (21) allele amongst black individuals. Three alleles in the DYS438 locus helped to identify some South Asians and more were identified with the DYS385 locus where South Asians are more represented amongst the larger alleles within the larger of the pair in this complex STR. Addition of Gc types to a subgroup of white and black individuals increased their correct classification of whites and blacks to 85% and 98%, respectively. ‘

    It is funny the scientists don’t seem to interested in the genetics of whites…

    “[0050] Use of a small constellation of Y-chromosome STR markers has produced a useful predictive ability for broad ethnic classification, particularly where the prediction is not “white”. Lowe et al predicted from Fst values that it would be more difficult to distinguish Caucasian from Asian, than Afro-Caribbean from Asian. Whilst this is true, this model has shown that prediction of someone as “white” has the least utility. The model has the lowest sensitivity (70%) for correctly identifying South Asians, compared with 96% for blacks and we are currently researching further markers to improve these and the former in particular. For example, incorporation of knowledge of the autosomal Gc type, will increase the correct classification of ‘white’ and ‘black’ individuals to 85% and 98% respectively. The predictive model has some important utility for intelligence purposes in particular, and has already proven useful in a social context. It should nevertheless be employed with caution. The model presented here has been validated with a UK based population and should be further validated with other populations where other markers may be more discriminating. ”

    In other words you think science is looking the other way when in fact is is solidifying racial identification.

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