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Falling out of the habit

Years ago I came across the statement “a writer is someone who has written today”.  I must admit, I had no idea what that statement meant. When I was working on my dissertation I got the advice “write something every day”.  Why?, I wondered.

After blogging for about a year, I abruptly fell out of the habit.  And having stopped, it’s almost impossible to bring yourself to re-start.  Either you’re a writer, or you aren’t.  Either you’re a blogger, or you aren’t.  Right now, I am not.  I keep having great ideas to write about, but never when I’m sitting at the computer.  I come here, I open a writing window, and either I have nothing to write, or I fail to craft something coherent.

So how do you get back into the habit of blogging?  Not by returning at full speed, that’s for sure.  Will it take this time?  I don’t know…


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