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The first serious crisis since the end of the Cold War…

What was the first “serious international crisis” after the end of the Cold War? Well, there was Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait back in, which prompted the first Gulf War. Coming 9 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I’d say it counts as a post-Cold War crisis. The Yugoslav Wars, which brought genocide back to Europe, were serious crises. The Rwandan Genocide and subsequent wars in the Congo were “serious crises”, which resulted in 5 million deaths. The attack on the US on 9/11, the Afghan war, the Iraq war…all of these are serious crises. The North Korean nuclear test was a serious crisis. The civil war in southern Sudan, the Darfur conflict, the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and a host of other natural disasters in the last 18 years all look like good candidates for the descriptor “serious international crisis”.

John McCain, it would seem, disagrees.

And this guy is running on his foreign policy credentials? It’s bad enough that he doesn’t know the difference between Sunni and Shia. It’s bad enough that he can’t remember that Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist any more. But forgetting about the first Gulf War, the Rwandan Genocide, the Congo wars, the Yugoslav wars, 9/11, the Iraq war… John McCain serious scares me.

Update: Something I missed earlier – “Abskya”? Sure, I don’t expect him to pronounce the “kh” right in Abkhazia (I rather doubt I pronounce it right myself), but “Abskya”? The only way you make a mistake like that is if you’ve never heard the word pronounced, only read it. So despite having a lobbyist for Georgia running his campaign, it looks like McCain has never actually discussed the geopolitical issues, just read about them. So very reassuring…

(I also forgot to credit BarbinMD at dKos for the link & much of the list of missed crises.)


2 Responses

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  2. I’m no fan of McCain’s, but on the pronunciation…I’d rather have somebody who has researched something than who has discussed it. When I was a child, I pronounced sine “sin” and cosine “cos”, but I certainly understood trigonometry long before anybody else I knew.

    And, you’re also being unfair, in that those other crises either did not impact our national interests, or there was never any doubt about who would come out on top (the guys we wanted).

    In the case of Georgia, however, it is a crisis, from McCain’s perspective, because it is not clear that the guys McCain wants to come out on top (Georgia) will. (Note: I am not picking sides, and am a paleo-conservative, skeptical of foreign adventures and interventions.)

    Why don’t you try to be more substantive in your criticisms. Surely you can do better than cheap “gotchas”. While “gotcha” impresses the left, it’s not doing much to persuade the middle of the roaders, or conservatives.

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