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Tim Russert dies

I just heard that Tim Russert died, this afternoon, at the age of 58. Very sad news.

I noticed he wasn’t looking good the last few months. Andrea Mitchell on Countdown was talking about the strains that the campaign puts on reporters…you think about the effects on the candidates, but you really only think about the reporters when The Daily Show does something on the campaign (which is usually all about the reporter).

My condolences to his friends and family.

There’s something about deaths like this that just don’t feel real.  News people are different from other celebrities – they talk to you, so you feel like you know them.  But they are iconic enough that you feel like it can’t be true.  And – you can still see them on TV.  While they talk about him on Countdown you still see video (if not audio) of him, just the same as always…


One Response

  1. As I’m not one to pay much attention to TV news I had barely heard of this individual. But reading the obits I’m impressed. He clearly wasn’t one of those tv “journalists” who just repeated whatever was given to him to say.

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