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Virtual Law?

While I am fairly familiar with some types of online communities, there has always been a vast world into which I have never delved – the world of MUDs, the best known of which are probably World of Warcraft and Second Life.  I can’t say I’m surprised by the idea of virtual law, but I really hadn’t given the idea much thought.

Anyway, Benjamin Duranske has publisheda book on virtual law; Taran got a pre-publication copy, and gives it a a glowing review:

 Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds scored a KnowProSE.com 10 out of 10, a score I am loathe to give out to anyone. The book is timely, circumspect, well written and grounded where it is supposed to be while provocative in areas that it needs to be.


One Response

  1. The Caribbean is lagging in this arena – unfortunately. It is a great place to leapfrog to and get into the new uses of technology for business.

    I tried, at one point in 2007, to get a Trinidad Carnival to happen within SecondLife – didn’t happen. But that would have been a great use for Cultural ICT, as well as Trinidad’s tourism.

    Alas, alack, a lack.

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