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David Brin pays tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

Writing at Daily Kos, David Brin paid tribute to Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur has long and deservedly been called one of the finest “hard” science fiction authors, for good reason.  From the beginning of his career as a writer, he explored frontiers of human knowledge, pondering the implications of everything from cetacean intelligence to planetology.  From the logic of John Von Neuman’s universal self-replicator to the possible motives of beings far in advance of ourselves.

And yet, what most intrigues me about Arthur’s work is something else — his ongoing fascination with human destiny — a term seemingly at-odds with the scientific worldview.

Read the rest of it.

What surprised me most was that David Brin is a contributor at dKos, and has been a regular contributor since January 2007.  As Markos said: “It’s things like this that make this site so darn cool”.


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