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Getting to the heart of things

It’s been a week since News9 ran the story of Sally Kern’s disgusting speech, and I still feel a deep sense of shock.  Maybe it’s in part because I until yesterday I hadn’t written about it, but the sense of horror is so fresh, so immediate.

Greenlynndemocrat at Blue Oklahoma gets to the heart of why Kern’s speech was hate speech. Context is everything.

TheLostOgle suggests a visit to Kern’s husband’s church

What would be better is if anyone, gay or otherwise, just attended the service peacefully. Just quietly sit in the pew wearing your Sunday best, perhaps making small talk with the other parishioners during fellowship time. Then, when Pastor Steve begins his spiel prior to passing the plate, just stand up and file out quietly–unless you really want to sing “We Shall Overcome” (in which case, the regular churchgoers would at least give you credit for not choosing a showtune).

On the other hand, if you have already purchased your Osama bin Laden costume and prepared your sign saying “Hey, at least I’m not gay” then go ahead and stand outside the church. Just make sure to send us pictures.

Someone posted Ellen’s reply to YouTube. Her response is appropriate, and very classy. Who’s the threat to America here? Not “the gay one”.


One Response

  1. It really is a sense of horror and a shock. I was born and raised and educated in the district she represents and her diatribe has made me sick to my stomach and feeling oddly violated.

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