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Sally Kern

I took a week off blogging (as if anyone noticed) while the Sally Kern affair exploded. It’s been covered pretty well already, so I’ll just link.

Box Turtle Bulletin has the basic story; there are more details over at Blue Oklahoma. Abbie has her take on the story. Pam’s House Blend covered it as well. Also from Blue Oklahoma: the history of her anti-gay crusade, and OKC mayor Mick Cornett’s links to Kern.

Perhaps the most noteworthy reaction is “Tucker’s letter“. The author, who is supposed to be the son of a victim of the Murrah bombing in Oklahoma City, posted the letter in the comments on the story at the news9.com story. It’s obviously unverifiable, but it shows just how inane (and hurtful) her “gays are worse than terrorism” rubbish really is. Other responses to Kern from Blue Oklahoma, and Ellen’s reaction (from Pam’s Blend).

Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus is organising a protest tomorrow (Friday March 14th):

Community Protest Rally – Friday, March 14, 5:30 to 6:30 Memorial Park – Classen sidewalk, NW 35th St at N Classen Blvd, OKC

Join Us Friday with a large group of LGBT community people and supporters to protestthe outrageous remarks of State Rep. Sally Kern – and the refusal of the Speaker of the House to denounce her! Oklahoma is in the national spotlight, but now for an ugly side. By Friday we’ll also know the fate of proposed hate crimes laws. O.G.L.P.C. is a sponsor, with many other community groups. Come make your voice heard!


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