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I would like to thank the Academy,…

In recognition for my singular achievements* in blogging, that most distinguished authority on all things bloggy, Mike O’Risal of Hyphoid Logic has named me to Knights of the Hyphoid Logic Realm and awarded me the highly prestigious “E for Excellence” award.

One of the benefits of having been bestowed this honour is the ability to bestow it on ten others (but since Mike only used 9 of his 10 slots, I’m stealing one of his). Oh the power I have been given! Must…not…let…it…go…to…my…head.

How do I pick ten eleven worthy blogs? Ten Eleven that are at least as good as mine. At least that’s easy – my achievement was showing up. Now who else shall I add to our distinguished fellowship?

  1. Exploring Our Matrix: the newly tenured Assistant Professor Dr. James F. McGrath, Ph.D., Esq. is most deserving of an award for excellence; if for nothing else than for this quote: If you … think that the majority of scientists are wrong and you (perhaps together with a small minority) are right, then I congratulate you: you are a crackpot!
  2. Genomicron: T. Ryan Gregory is most deserving of an award for excellence; his blog is a place you can really learn something; he has three blogs and still is a scarily productive kick-ass scientist.
  3. NewPagesBlog: Denise Hill** is most deserving of an award for excellence; her blog is would be an amazing resource if only I could read (and she’s the best writer I know in real life).
  4. Greg Laden’s Blog: Greg Laden is most deserving of an award for excellence; although his blog has been assimilated into the ScienceBlorg Collective, he’s still an excellent blogger, and anyway, I was reading his blog long before its assimilation; Greg is the hardest working blogger in the blogosphere, posting a minimum of 438.2 posts per day.
  5. Monkey Trials: Scott Hatfield is most deserving of an award for excellence; although Scott deserves an award for a number of other things (like teaching chemistry after the administrators confiscated all his chemicals or being the only Christian to have won PZ’s admiration), this one is for the quality of his blog posts.
  6. Northstate Science: Christopher O’Brien is most deserving of an award for excellence; he is just restarting his blog after a hiatus and switch from blogger to wordpress but is off to a really good start.
  7. Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog: Luigi Guarino and Jeremy Cherfas are most deserving of an award for excellence; this blog has an amazing amount of information, about a topic that is vitally important to everyone who eats, but gets almost no attention in either the press or the blogosphere.
  8. The DIVINE Afflatus: Mark is most deserving of an award for excellence; his blog is smart, well written and well worth reading; unfortunately, there’s just too little of it; in the hope that he will blog more often.
  9. Thoughts in a Haystack: John Pieret is most deserving of an award for excellence; his posts are lengthy, intelligent, and have a lot to think about in them; consequently, they tend to go over my head.
  10. The Manicou Report: Mani is most deserving of an award for excellence; Mani gets to the point on issues that really get under your skin (or rather, things that feel like a police boots on yuh corn).
  11. Bug Girl’s Blog: Bug Girl is most deserving of an award for excellence; Bug Girl just rocks; most of her posts are eye-openers.

There are more people who deserve mention, but I’m kinda limited to 10. Obviously, if Mike hadn’t done the honour, ERV, the Austringer and Science After Sunclipse would probably be on my list. Apart from Greg Laden, I decided to steer clear of the big boys like the people on ScienceBlogs, Larry Moran of Sandwalk and the people who are really out of my league – Markos of Daily Kos, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo or Barbara O’Brien of Mahablog.

*or rather, my single achievement in blogging – being the only Trini Botanist in the blogosphere.
**I must declare a conflict of interest in this award: about twice a year Denise puts us up in her guest bedroom, feeds us and buys us beer.


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the overly kind words. But here’s a secret … most of my posts tend to go over MY head, too.

  2. Thank you, thank you. No, really, thank you. Please applesauce is not necessary…

    The problem of course is that all of my favorite blogs are herein named, so what would I do!?!? …. Oh, I’ll work something out.

  3. *blush*
    Thank you!!

  4. Wow, I’m honored! Thank you!

  5. We’re very honoured, and will do our best to continue to deserve your attention.

  6. […] awarded, rewarded, etc with this E for Excellent blog-meme thing, for which thanks to Ian over at Further Thoughts. Not having seen this particular disease in the wild, as it were, we tried to track it back to the […]

  7. Wow, Ian, thanks very much! I don’t know what to say…I’m honored you think so well of Northstate Science!

  8. […] Duane at Abnormal Interests and Ian at Further Thoughts have tagged me with the “E for Excellence” award. I, of course, am honored that […]

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