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Not just inspiring – Organised!

Markos posted this email from one of his readers at dKos:

I wanted to relate what i saw in cleveland today, because i’m sure reporters miss this type of thing.

went to see michelle at cleveland state u…a great place for an event considering bo’s [Barack Obama’s] demographic. i ‘sign in’ to become a volunteer to see michelle.

at the end, they announce that bo is gonna appear at cleveland public hall sat. night, and to get ‘prefered tix’ i need to go to a church up the street to get them. so, i go to get tix and as they hand them to me, they remind me that i can early vote at the board of elections right across the street from the church! hahaha…genius!

same thing when i go to the cleve campaign to get yard signs…they sign me up as a volunteer.

one event, with their best demo, where i can get tix to another event, plus early VOTE! plus 3 opportunities to volunteer, plus 4 yard signs.

They always say that organisation wins elections.  Elections tend to be fought in swing states – you rarely see national politicians here in Oklahoma; things were very different in Michigan.  In another post Markos talks about the ground operation that Obama has built, not only in swing states, but also in deeply Republican states (is Oklahoma an exception, or did his strategy just not work here?)  Markos writes

Watching Obama build his incredible ground operation across the country, I can’t help but hope that this newly built infrastructure stays in place through November.

This brings to mind Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy for the Democratic party.  It also makes me think of COP in the last TT elections.  Although they failed to win any seats, they also built a national infrastructure for the elections, much like the NAR did in 1986.  Without money and patronage I suspect that will be (has been?) allowed to decay.


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