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Darwin Day 2008

The Center for Inquiry at the University of Oklahoma sponsors a Darwin Day Forum. There were three distinguished panelists (OU Zoology professors Ola Fincke and Richard Broughton, and internationally renowned blogger Abbie Smith) and me. We had a crowd of thirty-some people, mostly pro-evolution. We introduced ourselves, and then fielded questions.

It was a really good discussion. When Vic Hutchison said that the crowd was mostly pro-evo, I wondered how much there would be to talk about. Abbie’s work on HIV and Ola Fincke’s damselfly work (some of the species she studies engage in obligate siblicide – pretty cool stuff) drew the first questions, but pretty soon the conversation got going. The few creationists that were there didn’t ask any questions, but we still covered most of the creationist arguments against evolution. After all this time, I tend to forget that not everyone who is sympathetic to evolution know the flaws in most of the creationist talking points. It felt like I did something useful, even if we didn’t reach many evolution doubters. That aside – it was a lot of fun.


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