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Why big ideas matter – Rosenau on Obama

I’m not one to trust “my gut” without stopping to wonder why I react the way I do.  My reaction to Obama’s victory speech in Iowa was pure gut feeling, pure emotion.  Without figuring out whether I was right or wrong to feel that way, I had to ask myself why I found him so inspiring.  “Idealism” is the easy answer – after all this time, I’m still a dreamy idealist.  But there was more to it than that – there’s a sense of intellectual depth that I am drawn to.  It’s nice to see those “senses” and “feelings” substantiated with opinions based on the analysis of data.

Josh Rosenau talks about his meeting with Obama in 2006 and his thoughts about him since then.  It’s definitely worth reading.


One Response

  1. I remember back in 2004, watching him speak at the DNC and actually feeling inspired. 99.99999% of politicians make me roll my eyes… so dear Jesus, let our gut feelings be true and come to fruition…

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