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Orac on CAM

Since it isn’t medicine, and “Quackademic medicine” is too snarky, what should we call alternative therapies? It’s definitely a must-read.

Orac:Reclaiming the linguistic high ground: Renaming “complementary and alternative” medicine and the power of language


One Response

  1. Interesting read. I posted a comment: “Of course, unless we pay some attention to therapies which are not Western medicine, we won’t be able to separate the effective from the superstition. I’d suggest “Alternative Healing Practices” as a term that gives respect to practices that may turn out to have a germ of truth, but which still distinguishes them from Western medicine. I remember watching the Western trained doctors in India battle ineffectively against staph infections. The local indigenous population had a simple remedy that worked quickly and painlessly, without antibiotics. The doctors sneered at it. But I used it often. Quackery to some, but – certainly a healing practice.”

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