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Hillary wins Nevada

With 85% reporting, Hillary Clinton looks set to win the Nevada Caucuses .  She’s currently leading Obama 51-45, with Edwards left with the remaining 4%.  Some people are touting it as a big win for Hillary, others say that it isn’t a surprise, since she was leading in the polls all along.  Greg Sargent comments on some very interesting entrance polls: Clinton beat Obama among Latinos 64%-24% and women 52%-35%.  Obama won the support of African Americans 79%-16%.  Hillary won among voters over 45, Obama among voters under 45.

So now to South Carolina.

Among the Republicans, Romney picked up 53% of the vote.  Ron Paul was in second place, with 13%, a handful of votes ahead of McCain (with 36% of of the vote in).  Romney was the only Republican frontrunner who really campaigned in Nevada.  Mormons make up 12% of the population in Nevada, and they were probably a key demographic for him as well.


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