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Clay County, Florida, walks up to the Kitzmiller line, gazes longingly across

The Clay County, Florida School Board adopted a resolution opposing the new science guidelines, saying “that the State should not teach Evolution ‘fact’.” The board reportedly

ask[ed] the Florida Department of Education to reword its newly proposed state standards, which presents evolution as “the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported in multiple forms of scientific evidence.”


The resolution also stated that the curriculum should be “fair and balanced” – clearly an attempt to open the door for the teaching of religion in science classes.

Perhaps the most interesting – and disturbing – part of the whole situation was that the school board intentionally went as close to Kitzmiller as they could without intentionally crossing the line. It’s one thing when school boards do these kinds of things out of ignorance. It’s quite another thing when they do their best to skirt the law.

However, their attorney was quick to speak up when some of the board members seemed concerned. He stated that the resolution came as close as possible to violating the Kitzmiller decision without actually crossing the line. This made it obvious that legal concerns were discussed with the attorney prior to submitting the resolution for discussion – with PARTICULAR CONCERN over their resolution being similar to Kitzmiller.

From Greg Laden.


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