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Science? In science standards? Who needs it?

The Miami Herald reports that the Bush’s Secretary of Education “has no position” on whether science standards should be about science:

When asked whether the nation’s top education official has a position on whether evolution should be a part of science standards, [U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret] Spellings replied: “No, I don’t.”

Is Secretary Spelling equally non-committal on the question of whether bat should be classified as mammals or birds? After all, the bible is far less equivocal about the birdhood of bats than it is about creation (after all, there are two contradictory creation stories in Genesis).

Of course, the reason for her visit to Florida is even more delightful

Spellings spent most of Tuesday in Tallahassee, beginning with an appearance before House members who sit on various education committees, talking about how NCLB will remain in place even if Congress chooses not to reauthorize it.

Lovely. H/T Brandon Haught of Florida Citizens for Science


One Response

  1. Thats great. A presidential appointed officail says he has no position on wether scientists should be scientific in their answers. Great

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