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Obama/Cheney ’08?

John Holbo at Crooked Timber has an interesting discussion about who will be the next Vice President.

One commenter makes a point that renders the Hillary possibility moot. “Of course, the big problem will be to convince Dick Cheney to resign from the post.” The interesting thing is that Cheney might be quite right not to resign.

Cheney has claimed that the VP isn’t part of the executive branch. Since elections apply to the executive branch, presumably they don’t apply to the VP.

There is a lot of stuff about balloting for VP in the Constitution. People even cared enough to amend that stuff, apparently. (No accounting for taste.) But this balloting must be only a feel-good, ceremonial add-on to the Executive selection process. … This is shown by the fact that, in practice, the VP balloting is pro forma. The candidate picks. But no one thinks the VP, once picked, continues to serve at the President’s pleasure. That would be absurd. Apparently it has always been the case that serving VP’s have volunteered to leave, with the Presidents they served alongside. There is no reason to expect this rather curious arrangement to persist. Obama/Cheney ‘08!

I’d laugh, but we are talking about Cheney…


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