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Best title of the year

Yeah, I know, it’s January 4th. Still – I love this title from David Swanson at Democrats.com:

Why Can’t Scientists Be Fair to Huckabee, the Mentally Challenged, the Insane, and Hardcore Christians?

On one hand, Huckabee’s victory in Iowa makes a certain amount of sense – vote for the most viable non-Romney candidate.  And, of course, the majority of Iowa Republican voters were fundagelicals.  But it’s still disturbing that an evolution denialist is at the front of the pack for the Republican nomination.


3 Responses

  1. I’m thinking a lot about titles at the moment, and that really is a great one!

    A fair amount of tautology though, wouldn’t you say that two or three out of four might possibly suggest the same thing?

  2. True. But while there’s beauty in being concise, there can also be beauty in repetition.

  3. […] Get more information about this from the author here […]

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