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Larry Moran details a conversation he had with one of the “intellectuals” over at Uncommon Descent, specifically one who goes by the name gpuccio

You ask:

“Let me ask you a question. Did the intelligent designer allow naturalistic evolution to do most of the work, saving a few well-chosen examples for special attention? Did he (making an assumption here) let photosynthesis and the citric acid cycle—and dozens of other things that we understand—evolve on their own but step in to design bacterial flagella or whatever other complex you have chosen as the evolution problem of the day?”

No. Absolutely not. Again, you have understood nothing of ID. ID maintains that practically all “macroevolution” is the product of design. Only some patterns of “microevolution” (some kinds of bacterial resistance, and so on) can be ascribed to your “mechanisms”. Please, read Behe’s last book for the details, and then answer that. Bu please, stop pretending that ID says things that it has never said.

In Edge of Evolution, Behe presents a a figure which shows what Behe claims is the limit of what evolution produces. He places that edge somewhere above the species level – either at the genus, family or order level. Even Behe allows an awful lot of “random” evolution. Since macroevolution refers to the study of evolutionary change above the species level, Behe is allowing an awful lot of macroevolution. But gpuccio first tells Larry you have understood nothing of ID, and then turns around and points him to Behe’s book. So what is he trying to do? Maybe he’s hoping to make Larry’s head explode.

Or maybe, he just doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. But then, I suppose that’s typical…after all, creationists don’t seem to know much about the bible either.


One Response

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