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Design of Life

When he spoke at OU, Dembski used a Harvard/XVIVO animation Inner Life of a Cell, with an overdubbed sound track which he had retitled The Cell as an Automated City. When he was called out on the issue, he claimed that he found the animation on YouTube, a rather convenient story which, it so happens, appears to be true (Greg Laden later found the original). As Abbie reported, apparently someone from the DI had previously asked for permission to use the video in presentations. The request was denied, but Dembski went on to use the version he found on YouTube. Was Dembski unaware of the request made by the DI? While it strikes me as unlikely, it’s certainly possible.

According to Abbie’s sources, the DI also requested permission to use of stills from the animation in a publication. This was also denied. As it turns out, it’s fairly apparent where they planned to use those stills. Abbie compares the slide that Dembski used to introduce the animation (which may or may not be a “title” slide for the video; Dembski says no, common sense says yes), with a page from The Design of Life. All I can add is: Good job!


One Response

  1. hehehehe Ive been waiting to flip through that book for MONTHS cause I KNEW ‘Design’ was the ‘publication’ in question. Luckily, someone else did the flipping for me, and I now have no reason to waste $35 on that book.

    From what Ive heard, they just took Talk Origins list of Creationist Claims and pretended theyre BRAND NEW SUPER COOL ID arguments. I mean, 1985 claims. Lame.

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