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Ice Storm 2007

ice-storm-1.jpgOklahomans are obsessed with the weather – it’s probably a feature of living in Tornado Alley. They preempt prime time TV for weather. And, of course, big weather events need big names. Hence “Ice Storm 2007”. Unfortunately, we already had one of those. Schools were shut down for a week after an ice storm in January. So the name’s a bit misleading.

Anyway, we’re ice covered, and it keeps raining. Schools and the university are shut down for the day – first day of finals week for the university. It’s going to be fun to reschedule the exams. I just hope things have cleared up enough by tomorrow that I don’t have to worry about things like that.


3 Responses

  1. That looks like a tree lying on your fence. I always feel sorry for the poor trees, weighed down so heavily. Be careful.

  2. Obviously the ice is just another creotard conspiracy to do away with us evilusionists giving tests during finals weeks. Everyone knows any other science or other subject really doesn’t matter anyway considering descent through modification is the only one that needs to be attacked as having any substance. It’s all a Right wing conspiracy lead by non other than Behe et al.

  3. […] storm of 2007. (Wasn’t there one late last winter?) Ian Ramjohn at Further Thoughts has some pictures of the ice storm. Check out the pic of ERV’s Ice Bike. Posted in humor, people, world. Tags: humor, people, […]

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