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Huckabee and Dumond

My impression of Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has always been one of a likable person whose heart is probably in the right place, even if his politics are deeply misguided. While I believe that electing an evolution-denier like him would be a terrible thing, I always thought he lacked the sinister edge that characterised almost all of the Republicans running for President. Turns out I was wrong. Huckabee, it would appear, is just as consumed by Clinton-hatred as any of the others on the extreme right.

In 1999, under pressure from Huckabee, the Arkansas parole board released convicted rapist Wayne Dumond after serving 14 years of a 39.5-year sentence. Huckabee claimed that he believed that Dumond was wrongly convicted, because his victim was distantly related to Bill Clinton. Kos called the campaign to free Dumond “Freeper-fueled Clinton hate”. Murray Waas writes:

While on the campaign trail, Huckabee has claimed that he supported the 1999 release of Wayne Dumond because, at the time, he had no good reason to believe that the man represented a further threat to the public. Thanks to Huckabee’s intervention, conducted in concert with a right-wing tabloid campaign on Dumond’s behalf, Dumond was let out of prison 25 years before his sentence would have ended.

Dumond moved to Missouri where he was convicted of the rape and murder of Carol Sue Shields. He died in prison while awaiting trial for the rape and murder of Sara Andrasek, a 23-year-old who was pregnant with her first child. Huckabee responded:

“There’s nothing any of us could ever do,” Huckabee said Sunday on CNN when asked to reflect on the horrific outcome caused by the prisoner’s release. “None of us could’ve predicted what [Dumond] could’ve done when he got out.”

(Shades of Condi Rice’s whine following the 9-11 attacks?)

Of course, that turned out to be totally false – Huckabee could have predicted what Dumond would have done. He received a number of letters from others of Dumond’s victims. I suppose some emotions are too powerful to suppress. Spite, it would seem, outweighs one’s duty to protect the public. This is the front runner in Iowa?

H/T Canadian Cynic


5 Responses

  1. Do you honestly believe this? That this man let the rapist out because of the relation to the Clintons? Might it not have something to do with his (misguided?) compassion for the fact that the rapist was castrated afterwards?

    Before condemning him, would you consider listening to his defense here?

  2. So, first Huckabee says “None of us could’ve predicted what [Dumond] could’ve done when he got out”. A man who’s beat a person to death, who’s been accused of several other rapes…no one could predict that he’d rape again? Now he’s saying

    For reasons Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker would have to answer, not me, the sentence was commuted in 1992.

    In other words, blame the Democrats. How utterly pathetic. This is the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a child, not from a grown man.

    He had a unblemished prison record – an exemplary record in terms of getting along as an inmate.

    D’uh. He’s a rapist. As long as he has no women to victimise, he’s well behaved. Surprised?

    Me, I’m a bleeding heart liberal. But quite frankly, I would never try to claim that compassion is a reason to let a serial rapist out of prison. It make a certain sense, I suppose. If you refuse to take responsibility for your own actions, you really can’t hold others responsible for their actions. I suppose the women Dumond raped were the ones at fault?

  3. I don’t see him as blaming the Democrats at all – only pointing out that they too took the same course of action during their term, in order to counter the absurd notion that he somehow delighted in someone related to the Clintons being raped. Hindsight is always 20 20.

    It’s partially the Democrats’ fault, even more Huckabee’s fault, even more the parole board’s fault, but incalculably more the rapist’s fault.

    It was the horribly wrong choice, but I wonder if one can say categorically that Huckabee should have known better. Is it always wrong to release a castrated rapist on parole no matter the record in prison or the time served? If not, then I wonder what was special about this case, except that in hindsight, he made the wrong decision.

    But perhaps its enough to say that he should have known better, and that this mistake should cost him the election. But the suggestion that he did this, not out of misguided sympathy for a castrated rapist (for whom there was no investigation on his castration) but out of some delight in seeing a democrat get raped…this is just beyond incredible to suggest, in my opinion.

  4. When something goes wrong on your watch you take responsibility for it. Worse yet, when it’s something that you called for while campaigning for that office, you own it. That is, if you’re any sort of a leader, if you have any sort of moral fibre. You don’t blame others, you don’t engage in self pity.

    He starts off by saying: it’s Clinton’s and Tucker’s fault that the sentence was commuted in 1992. Yeah, right. Blame Clinton for things that happen after he’s out of office. Talk about dishonest spin. It isn’t until the thirteenth paragraph of a fourteen paragraph statement that Huckabee even bothers to express any regret about what happened. He goes on for twelve paragraphs about how it had nothing to do with him, he had no power over anything that was done…excuses after excuses about how it’s everyone’s fault but his. What a pathetic whiner. And then he says he’s horrified at what happened.

    This is what he called for on the campaign trail. He got his wish. And he’s too much of a snake to own any of it? Talk about soulless politicians.

    But the suggestion that he did this, not out of misguided sympathy for a castrated rapist (for whom there was no investigation on his castration) but out of some delight in seeing a democrat get raped…this is just beyond incredible to suggest, in my opinion.

    I have no idea where you got this passage from. It has nothing to do with anything I said. Maybe you meant to post it somewhere else?

  5. Ian: Huckabee is a polished speaker andi s gaining strength in the polls, but I am opposed to him for several reasons including his fundamentalist view of creationism expressed earlier, but now he has been trying to wiggle out of his earlier statements.

    Another reason has been his battle with the State of Oklahoma on Arkansas’ pollution of the Illinois River, one of very few scenic rivers in Oklahoma that remained fairly unspoiled until the chicken farm wastes from Arkansas were released into the watershed. Oklahoma Attorney General Edmondson has gone to court to challenge Arkansas. Huckabee’s statements about Edmondson have been very ‘ungracious’ at best. This conflict says something quite negative about his stand on environmental issues.

    Frankly, I just do not trust him based on his past actions and statements.

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