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Debunking External Delivery

External Delivery is the assertion that “certain features of how Christmas presents are delivered each year are best explained by an external source, not an internal source such as your parents.” It is a modern form of the traditional argument for the existence of Santa Claus, modified to avoid specifying the nature or identity of the gift deliverer. Its primary proponents, all of whom are associated with the Delivery Institute, believe the deliverer to be Santa Claus.

The unequivocal consensus in the parentist community is that external delivery is not science. The U.S. National Academy of Parenting has stated that “external delivery, and other claims of supernatural intervention in the delivery of gifts” are not science because they cannot be tested by experiment, do not generate any predictions, and propose no new hypotheses of their own.

H/T Pharyngula; based on the Wikipedia article, with authorship of the original here.


6 Responses

  1. You need to keep up with the research! I’ve conducted my own experiments which unequivocally demonstrate the validity of External Delivery, and Santa Clause-ism!

    Here, education yourself

    Unfortunately, I’m currently waiting for the peer-review process to complete before my article will be published. That is, if the bigoted Parentists don’t stop it first.

  2. […] as the source of Christmas presents.  I’ll let you decide what you believe. Many blogs have already had their […]

  3. I actually created the real wikipedia article independently with the same idea of spoofing the ID, and then saw your article here doing the same lol.

  4. […] reactions around the blogosphere have been pouring in.  Already, there’s quite a few misconceptions and blatant misrepresentations […]

  5. Of course External Delivery is bunk. But that doesn’t mean that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, as reflective Santaists know.

  6. Santa is real I tells ya, he’s real! 🙂

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