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The rise of the interwebs

The Discovery Institute”s John West spoke at the University of Minnesota tonight. And while they may not have had quite as much fun as we did with Dembski, it still sounds like it was quite the event. After all – they had PZ. As Greg Laden wrote

“Oh, that stuff you said about what Darwin Said in the Descent of Man? I’ve got it right here on my computer … you left out a couple of things….”

During the Dembski talk at OU, Abbie was online throughout the talk. Another person in the audience liveblogged the even at IIDB. I’m guessing that this has really made life hard for creationists.

It wasn’t that long ago that rebutting a creationist involved cracking open a book (or ten) and figuring out what was wrong with their arguments. The growth of readily available resources like Talk Origin’s Index of Creationist Claims and Wikipedia’s intelligent design article. But I suspect that the spread of wireless internet has changed things even more. Anyone with a computer can now debunk people like Dembski or West.  And that is a beautiful thing.

Other people who have posted on the talk include Mike Haubrich and Kristine, the Amused Muse. I’m definitely looking forward to what PZ has to say.


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