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Why we need to take IDists more seriously

It’s easy to make fun of cdesign proponentsists without a systematic study of the species. It’s easy to dabble – drop by UD every few months to read something stunningly bad. It takes real stomach to pay close attention to them, but without brave souls like James McGrath, we would be so much the poorer. Despite Bill Dembski’s “don’t blame me, I found it on YouTube” defence, it would appear that he is aware of the concepts of copyright infringement and plagiarism.  (Or maybe it’s just someone at UD, after all, Dembski claims not to know what goes on there, especially when he is busy composing fake letters from the President of Baylor).  As James discovered, the RSS feed from UD includes a pretty stern warning about copyright infringement for sites that reproduce their feed.

So how does this work?  Only creationists have intellectual property rights?


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