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Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

The PBS documentary on the Kitzmiller v. Dover intelligent design trial airs on Tuesday. Adam Rutherford reviews the film in the current issue of Nature. The trial had a profound impact on the credibility of intelligent design and its usefulness as a wedge issue for the religious right. Rutherford says:

But the Kitzmiller vs Dover verdict, matched this September with the outlawing of intelligent design in the UK national curriculum, marked the official neutering of this unpleasant, sneaky movement in much of the western world. Judgment Day is just the sort of thoughtful programming that celebrates how sensible people — faithful and otherwise — can use science and reason to combat fundamentalism.

Rutherford reports that the documentary makers did a good job of presenting a story, overcoming the pitfall created by the “feebleness of the intelligent-design case”. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Judgment Day.


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