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Results start trickling in…

As the first results start to trickle in, it looks bad. While there are just a handful of polling stations, it seems to be PNM or UNC first, COP second. But it’s consistently behind, and well behind. None of the results mean anything at the constituency-level, but there’s enough there to see a trend…not good for COP.

Update: COP has been ahead (at some point in time) in St. Augustine and Chaguanas East seats. UNC has been ahead in a few of the marginals, but there are others where PNM has about half the votes, UNC+COP about half. So the vote splitting may well leave the PNM holding several marginals…

Update II: Shockingly, the PNM is ahead in Tabaquite and Fyzabad…very slim leads, but that’s still amazing.  The PNM has Heeralal Rampertap in Tabaquite.  PNM 815, UNC 794, COP 665.

In Chaguanas East UNC is now in the lead, PNM in second place and COP in third place.  Sharon McNicol is actually doing respectfully (1000, to the PNM’s 2000 in PoS).  In San Fernando West Regrello (PNM) has 1416 votes, UNC has 423 and the COP’s Coudray has 804 votes.  In Princes Town South/Tableland, PNM has 747 votes, UNC 863 and COP 167.


3 Responses

  1. […] the first results began trickling in from the polling divisions, a very different scenario emerged. “It looks bad,” wrote Further Thoughts, a Trinidadian blogger living in the United States, who liveblogged the […]

  2. Vote splitters
    re-install the incumbents

  3. True. But who split who’s votes? I’d say Panday – he’s the one who alienated half the anti-PNM vote. A Dookeran-led UNC would probably have swept the PNM; even without COP, it looks like UNC would have still lost the election.

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