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Election 41 – Anecdotes

In Hilo in St Augustine I overheard two women obviously talking about the elections. One says to the other ‘look I put my trust in God. What god wants for the country, we will have’. I walk along the frozen food section trying to remember what I was there for (eventually I would buy the wrong item). Back to the conversation same woman speaking “What PNM country they talking about, that is such foolishness! Is God country!” Ahh got the salami I wanted!

I have just voted and am dropping my niece (who has also voted and for the first time). She is in the BMobile store in Trincity mall. I am waiting outside and trying to catch the noon news on the radio with little success. When she is finally finished she comes out and says

“Did you hear the news about the three people killed?”


“Yeah, and a BMobile woman inside there was saying ‘so all yuh want to put alyuh X by the Balisier, that is what alltuh does get with them'”. Crime is the most important issue in this election.

I am in Royal Bank ABM at St Augustine a young ‘office type’ young girl has just finished at the ABM as she is leaving she notices a more casually dressed young man at the line. Conversation goes like this

Girl: “eh eh! Boy ah eh see you in a long time!”

“yeah boy”

“how so and so”

“she good man!”

Girl to guy “leh me see yah finger! leh meh see the stain!”

Guy raises finger

“oh ho you vote already! Good!”

Guy “but ah have to vote!”. I am next in line at the ABM and don’t take in the rest of the conversation. Young people see this election as an important one. They will matter in the final analysis.


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