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“One last chance”

In the final days of campaigning for the 2007 elections, UNC A leader Basdeo Panday asked for “one last chance” to lead the country.

“Send me off in a blaze of glory, send me off with my head held high, my fist in the air, my soldier boots on my feet and my red beret on my head, Stand tall!” charged Panday at the UNC-Alliance rally at Aranjuez Savannah, Aranjuez yesterday.”I do not believe I will have the strength to fight another general election at age 79, this may very well be my last roar to stand tall, ” charged Panday.

“Give me the last chance, that I may fulfill my dream to take you to the promise land, let my dream come true,” he pleaded to the deafening cheers and shouts of support from the massive crowd.

The appeal to emotion is likely to be effective.  While I am not supporting the UNC A, and while I believe that the problems the UNC face are mostly the fault of Bas, I still admire his service over his forty years in politics.  I am still in awe of his biting rhetoric.  And I’m impressed by his energy – at 74, he’s had the energy to make it through the campaign.  Which is why it’s hard to say no to an appeal like that.  It’s like being guilted by a parent.  But for the good of the country, I hope that people say no to him.  While I’d still like to see him in Parliament, come Tuesday, it would be as either an opposition MP or a coalition partner, with COP in government.  Likely?  I think an outright win by COP is unlikely, but whatever the situation, I want a Naps man for Prime Minister – we’ve had too many Pres men in recent years.


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