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Political realities explained

In a Washington Post Op-Ed, neocon Bill Kristol asks:

What about using our national power to help the Burmese people against their tyrannical rulers?

Barbara O’Brien of Mahablog answers: No.  Thanks to supply-siders like Kristol’s father Irving, China holds far too much US debt.  The US cannot afford to antagonise China.  It can hand-wring, but it can’t act.

Isn’t it funny when the people who helped make the mess now act concerned about its consequences?  The supply-siders (or maybe just “those out to enrich the wealthy”, although I’m not sure there’s a real difference there) turned the US budget deficit into tax cuts for the wealthy.  The neocons got the US into a $600 billion (and counting) war in Iraq which has also destroyed the military.  And one of their own whines “why can’t we do something about it”.  Ridiculous.

As always, it’s a great article, and I highly recommend it.


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