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Next big battle?

Bora predicts an upcoming between science and religion will be over the soul.

So, the last Big Fight will be about the Soul. The next area of science to experience a big frontal attack will be Neuroscience.

There is no Soul. Your mind is the subjective experience of what the molecules in your brain cells are doing. Period. But for many, that is the last straw. And the attack will, unlike Creationism, be coming from all sides of the political spectrum, as there are as many adherents of Spirituality crap on the Left as there are believers in the Soul on the Right. They just cannot bear the idea that there isn’t “something more to it” than “just materialism”!

While attacks on evolution have come from the Left as well as the Right, the Right has been at the forefront of anti-evolutionism. But there’s enough woo on the Left as well.  The more neuroscience reduced behaviour and memory to chemistry, the more people will push back.  It doesn’t “feel” right, and the evidence it going to be far less accessible than is the evidence for evolution (after all, Darwin worked that out over 150 years ago; he didn’t work out how the brain works, because the tools for doing so just didn’t exist).

I think Bora’s right to identify this as the next battle between science and anti-science…and, with things like the Beauregard and O’Leary book that PZ tried to review (but found it unreadable) and Egnor’s nonsense, I’d say the battle has already been engaged.  Will it be the last one?  That’s a question at which I won’t hazard a guess.


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