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Bionic Woman

I regret not getting into the new Battlestar Galactica. As a fan (at the age of eight) of the original series, I had mixed feelings about the remake, but I saw the first few episodes before we left Trinidad and I was pretty happy with it. Sadly, a year would pass before I had next had cable television.

It was from that perspective that I approached the new Bionic Woman. I had mixed feelings about having a part of my childhood brought back to life and re-imagined, but at the same time, my memories of the show make me think it’s a prime candidate for re-imagination. (The one really dumb thing that stuck in my head was Jaime Sommers using her bionic fingernail to open a can).

The pilot did not disappoint. The new Bionic Woman is much darker, drawing inspiration (it would seem) from Dark Angel and perhaps Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s also far more morally ambiguous – instead of working for a government agency out to do good, she is (loosely) associated with what appears to be a private company (perhaps a military contractor?) whose aims are uncertain. In addition, the level of modification is greater than in the original series – she is now infused with “anthrocytes” which help her to heal more rapidly and a chip implanted in her brain which, in essence, “makes” her a soldier.

The show appears to be set in the present – her boyfriend, Will, says something along the lines of “technology is far more advanced than people are willing to admit”. With an independent/rebellious Jaime Sommers looking set to play against Miguel Ferrer as Jonas Bledsoe (the “Oscar” character) I fear that I will have Crossing Jordan flashbacks.

Update: It appears that James McGrath saw the Dark Angel similarities.  He wonders whether the choice of dark-haired Michelle Ryan was influenced by Max (Jessica Alba’s character in Dark Angel).


2 Responses

  1. I like it so far too, but I never saw the original 😛

    In a related note, in class we were just talking about bioengineering, creating organisms from scratch, etc… I think Im officially the Mad Scientist of my class…

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