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Failing to grasp the situation

Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in a system with poor checks and balances on the executive.  Maybe it’s a matter of the bizarre becoming normal.

In a post on The Next Hurrah, Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) comments on Jim Webb asking for Admiral Fallon to testify before the Senate.  She is of the opinion that Fallon, unlike Petraeus, will give the Senate a straight answer on Iraq (and suspects that Webb feels that way as well).

Just remember to ask Admiral Fallon if winning the Iraq War but ruining our military will make us safer, Senator Webb. I have a feeling that Fallon, unlike Petraeus, will have a pretty definite answer.

When I read that, my first thought was “If he answers honestly, won’t that cost him his job?” and wondered how he would react if put into that position.  Then I remembered that, in reality, he doesn’t work for the President, he works for the Congress and the people.  After six years of Bush-Cheney, I find myself forgetting that the US Congress has the right – and responsibility – to oversee the President and the military.


2 Responses

  1. Apparently, quite a few members of Congress have forgotten also.

  2. I agree. I think that’s the problem really – Congress forgot what its job was (or was intimidated into forgetting).

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