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Considering the fact that the US is the richest country in the world, it never ceases to shock me that funding for education and health care are so uneven. Sure, there are top-notch schools, if you are in the right school district, and there is top-notch health case available if you have the right insurance, but for a wide swath of the population there is nothing of the sort. What makes matters worse, in education, underpaid teachers are expected to pick up the slack. Teachers regularly spend their own money on classroom supplies – the tax code even allows them to deduct the first $250 they spend from their taxes. But, apparently, most teachers spend more than that.

There are a number of organisations, both local and national, which seek to help this situation. One of these, DonorsChoose, allows potential donors to directly choose which projects they want to support. Janet Stemwede (of Adventures in Ethics and Science at ScienceBlogs) has a good write-up on the group, what they do, and the basics of how to apply. Teachers write proposals and, as the name suggests, donors choose where they want their money to go. It isn’t a solution to the funding problem, but it certainly seems to be a positive step.

Doonesbury also talked about DonorsChoose this weekend.

H/T Pharyngula.


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  1. […] Blogger Challenge A few weeks ago I wrote about DonorsChoose, an organisation that puts donors and teachers together.  DonorsChoose allows people to pick the […]

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