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Blog Carnivals

Blog Carnivals have always flown under the radar for me. Sure, every week you see a pointer to “Tangled Bank #674,235401” over at Pharyngula (you know, something like this), but I rarely click on the link, and if I do I tend to just stare at the page a few second before clicking back. So, with that ringing endorsement of all things blog-carnivally… 🙂

Thanks to Google Alerts I found my way to igorerrolkjd and a reference to “third edition of the Oekologie blog carnival”. Cool, I thought, a Blog Carnival dedicated to my sort. But there was no reference to #1 or #2. So, obviously, I googled it…and found Oekologie, which appears to be a rival ecological blog carnival, with exactly the same name. And this one is up to #8. Interesting. Now I have to actually go and read their posts…and maybe submit some of my own (write some of my own, write something ecological for a change).


One Response

  1. me and a bunch of geology nerds started a blog carnival….the first edition will be published tonight…..just click on my name

    none of us were really sure what a carnival is or if it’ll work….but, we figured we’d give it a try

    like your blog, by the way

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