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Rove resigns

Bush’s senior political adviser, Karl “Turdblossom” Rove, has resigned.

It’s always good news to hear that one more of them is gone. Rove has been behind so much of the evil of the Bush administration – his departure gives a sense of relief. In reality, it probably has no effect – Rove was an effective strategist, but even he can’t sell the Iraq war. Rove’s string of failures have added up – eventually, reality intrudes.

You’ll notice that most of these initiatives never came to pass, and the ones that did (like No Child Left Behind) are increasingly unpopular and will likely be axed once the Bushies are gone.

It’s nice to think that the departure of one more of Bush’s corrupt cronies will somehow tip the balance, but that’s just fantasy – the problem isn’t staffers, no matter how corrupt and evil they are – the problem is systemic, and it starts at the top, with Cheney and trickles down to the President and senior staffers.

Marcy Wheeler at The Next Hurrah has an interesting analysis of the resignation – she believes that the most likely explanation for Rove’s resignation is that “The Sheriff Is Coming”. While he seems to have escaped the Valerie Plame investigation, she points out that there are several investigations that appear to be closing in on Rove, most notably the firing of US Attorney David Iglesias. She says:

But I’m most interested in the possibility that Rove is rushing out just two steps ahead of the Iglesias investigation. HJC is collecting a great deal of evidence that DOJ employees covered up the real reasons for the Iglesias firing … and that the real reason for the firing had everything to do with politicizing the judiciary. It not only has evidence that Will Moschella, Paul McNulty, and Alberto Gonzales lied about the reasons for Iglesias’ firing, it appears that Moschella, at least, is getting downright cooperative (and note, McNulty is going to be out of DOJ at almost the same time as Rove will be out of the WH).

Read her entire post. As always, it’s great stuff.

Update: More fascinating analysis from Marcy Wheeler of Rove’s resignation.

Update II: Maybe “effective strategist” was hyperbole.  DarkSyde at Daily Kos makes a good case that Rove was a mediocre strategist at best.


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