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Academia as cult

Bug Girl has a great post about academia as a cult.  Now I understand my feelings of unworth and the near-physical aversion reaction that even thinking about non-academic jobs gives me.


6 Responses

  1. Im stealing your link for a post 😛

  2. Actually, its simple a reflection of the elitists atheist mentality.

    And rest assured, atheshits are elitists. They think everyone who is not an atheist is a moron, and they think nothing is higher than themselves.

    An excellent definition of elitism in its purest form.

    Thank God they do not currently have control over us.

    Every time they get control it means totalitarian rule.

  3. I’m rather confused by Legion. I guess he thinks all academic scientists are supposed to be atheists?
    and his website is extremely amusing 🙂

  4. (In an OMGWTF sort of amusing way, I mean.)

  5. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the comment myself, but it appears that Kristine (Amused Muse) has had problems with Legion (and banned him from her blog).

  6. Years later — what do you think some of the most used cult phrases (for lack of a better term) are?

    I mean: “Since we care about our work, we don’t care where we live,” and things like that, which are sometimes valid up to a point (e.g. “You may not be too excited about that job, but it is at least a job in field”), but after that just get wielded as tools of oppression?

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