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Answering the far-right

John Dorhauer replies to criticisms levelled by IRD employee Steve Rempe in his review of Steeplejacking. Dorhauer answers Rempe’s accusations quite effectively by quoting from IRD documents, and concludes that either:

If Rempe is still unclear about how the IRD is infiltrating our churches, then it means he has not been included in these internal discussions, or has not been invited to the semi-annual invitation-only training events. More likely it is the case that he knows and is betting on the prospect that I don’t know, you don’t know, and we couldn’t possibly be resourceful enough to find this stuff out; or having found it couldn’t possibly be smart enough to figure out what their plain language really means.

Rempe also complains about Dorhauer’s characterisation of the issued used by the IRD to infiltrate congregations as “wedge issues”. Of course, IRD characterises these as “positive proactive initiatives that unite traditional religious believers and discredit the Religious Left.” In other words – wedge issues. Of course, not Ahmanson-funded group ever wants to be associated with “wedges” – not after the damage that was done to the Discovery Institute after their Wedge Strategy for intelligent design was leaked (the DI is another Ahmanson project).


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