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Creationist terrorism

From Steve Reuland at PT:

It was only a matter of time. The creationists, frustrated at continued legal losses and the complete lack of respect they receive from scientists, have finally past the threshold from trying to distort science in schools to attacking science in a more direct fashion. Today’s Denver Post contains a very short piece about an unnamed “religious group” leaving threatening packages at the CU Boulder ecology and evolutionary biology department, just up the road from where I work.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least, but it certainly disturbs me. Granted, I am more concerned about the animal liberation types for the time being (although so far they have refused to stand up for the rights of plants and microbes, which I think is very kingdomist…but for which I am very glad). Still – Colorado isn’t that far away, and we’ve probably got more religious extremists here than they do.

Update: Matt Young has a lot more details at PT; and Robert Crowther of the Discovery Institute declares that the victims are lying…based, it would appear, on nothing except his hatred for scientists.

Update II: Steve Reuland has another update at PT.


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