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Comedian Dembski

High comedy at UD. In response to Coyne’s response to Behe’s “response” to Coyne’s review of Behe’s The Edge of Evolution in which Coyne says If Behe’s theory is so world-shaking, and so indubitably correct, why doesn’t he submit it to some scientific journals? (The reason is obvious, of course: his theory is flat wrong.) Dembksi continues his comedy routine by saying

Let me suggest another reason: Coyne is wrong and doesn’t want Behe upsetting his applecart.

So…the reason that Behe doesn’t publish his “world-shaking” theory in the scientific literature is because Coyne is wrong. Really? No, not really. Dembski has obviously given up trying to pretend that ID should be taken seriously. When Coyne’s review eviscerated Behe’s book Dembski responded by calling Coyne ugly. He has followed that up with more preschooler-insults. Ooh…the reason Behe won’t put his ideas before is peers is because…Coyne is wrong.

And I thought Dembski was supposed to be the intelligent one of those jokers. This is the best he can muster?

Maybe it is the best he can muster. Behe’s book is a joke. Leave aside all the bad math and gnostic philosophy…Behe claims that mutation can’t produce the sort of variation that is at the basis of agriculture. How do you defend something so ridiculous? I suppose the only way is by resorting to insults worthy of a preschooler. As I have always said, it doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to get a Ph.D.


2 Responses

  1. This is the best he can muster?

    Oh, good heavens, no!
    He can also make noises that sound like farts!

  2. Oh, yeah, how could I forget about his venture into voice acting!

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