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Straw that breaks the camel’s back?

While the Libby pardon (sorry, commutation) should have just been one more in a tale of corruption and lawlessness by the Bush administration, it felt different, it felt disproportionately insulting.

Writing at HuffPo, Cenk Uygur calls it the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Bill Maher wrote this morning that Bush letting Scooter Libby’s off the hook is “not something that will upset Joe Sixpack.” So, he argued that Bush had no downside for commuting Libby’s sentence. He couldn’t be more wrong.


This really undermines our whole democracy. It’s not about political minutia; it’s about equality before the law. This hits home. We know for a fact we’d be sitting in that prison cell if we were in their shoes. And we know they got away with it purely based on who they are and who they know.

It is now patently obvious that there are two sets of laws in this country. One is for Republicans in power and the other is for the rest of us. You can include Democrats among the powerful, too, but realistically it has been overwhelmingly Republicans who have been abusing their power lately.

I don’t know who’s right – Uygur or Maher. I know who I would like to be right. But it’s more than wishful thinking…this resonates with me. I hope Uygur is right. It’s time for impeachment.


One Response

  1. Scooter wasn’t excused merely for whom he knows. Whom he knows, very likely know he knows some very damaging things. They were protecting their own asses.

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