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Bush commutes Libby’s sentence. As Joe Wilson points out:

[President Bush] has brought himself and his office into reasonable suspicion of participation in an obstruction of justice.

Update: Bruce Prescott makes a good point:

There is little doubt in my mind that George W. Bush refused to commute death sentences for convicts that were more deserving of leniency than Libby.

While Governor of Texas, Bush presided over 152 executions, and never considered commuting a sentence. It seems that the death penalty was not “excessive” for “Terry Washington, a mentally retarded man of thirty-three with the communication skills of a seven-year-old”,* but it was “excessive” to have Scooter Libby serve his 30-month sentence. As I said, disgusting.

*Sister Helen Prejean. Death in Texas, New York Review of Books 52(1), January 13, 2005.


One Response

  1. I know it’s disgusting! Arrr… Bush!!!

    Asher Heimermann

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