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Recently one of the “contributors” at Dembski’s blog Uncommon Descent (I believe it was Dembski himself) made an offer to pay a prize to someone who managed to get a Sokal-style post onto Panda’s Thumb. He accused PT of not having standards with regards to what they will publish.

That said, it was really funny when DaveScot gleefully repeated Inhofe’s tripe about overhearing Clinton and Boxer discussing a plan to “stifle conservative talk radio via legislation”. I’m not sure why anyone would take anything Inhofe says seriously (except for fellow global warming denialists…which seems to be the main focus at UD these days). Of course, having gotten the news out, and having gotten the gullible (if not complicit) media to join in on his misinformation spree…Inhofe can’t even keep his story straight. On one hand he says he heard it the other day, and on the other hand he says he heard it three years ago and he has told this story well over 100 times on the radio, on TV, in the last three years. So it would seem that either Inhofe is getting to the age where he’s a little on the foggy side as to what is going on around him, or he’s just working with Drudge to mislead people.

And as for UD’s Senators Clinton and Boxer learn from Darwin zealots? Learn what it’s like to be slimed by right-wingers who have little respect for the facts? Nah, as bad as the evolution denialists have been, I don’t think anyone has experienced that kind of malicious slurs the Clintons have experienced.


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