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Creationism in Canada

When it comes to evolution, Canadians are a little saner than Americans, but are also more than a little confused. Fifty-nine percent of Canadians believe that human beings evolved
from less advanced life forms over millions of years
while only 22% believe that god created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years (according to polling company Angus Reid Strategies). Support for evolution was highest in Quebec (71%) and lowest in Ontario (51%). Young Earth creationism had the most support in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (pooled, apparently; 33%) and least support in Quebec (9%). Unsurprisingly, support for evolution was highest among adults 18-34 years old, higher income and better educated people.

But then it gets weird. Forty-two percent of Canadians believe humans and dinosaurs existed, and only 37% reject that assertion. So that suggests that about 20% of Canadians believe that humans are the product of evolution but they also believe that humans coexisted with dinosaurs. While it’s possible that these people are sophisticated enough in their understanding to know that birds are dinosaurs, but it’s (sadly) more likely that these people are seriously confused.

So what do you make of this? Is it encouraging to know that most Canadians believe in human evolution, or deeply disturbing that people are so badly misinformed? Do these people really believe that Flintstones is historical?


One Response

  1. Of course humans and dinosaurs existed! Or do you mean co-existed?

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